Technology and Schools - Just the Beginning

Before the pandemic, technology was emerging in classrooms at an exponential rate. During the pandemic, technology was the classroom due to virtual learning. Post pandemic classrooms will obviously look much different, including in the sense of technology - like it or not, this acquired technology equipment for the Covid-19 pandemic e-learning will soon return to the classroom.

Technology is only as valuable as the user (schools) makes it out to be. For example, if a teacher only uses tablets for doodling and drawing, students are missing important lessons using technology. Yes, this simple task reduces waste and saves our trees, but having technology in the classroom is a privilege and should be used to it's full potential. From less expensive e-books, to virtual handwriting lessons, the list is endless on how to use tablets and laptops in an academic curriculum.

With said technology comes challenges of giving students the correct tools to create synergies with that technology and the learning schedule. Tools? No, not a mini screwdriver to change a battery that lasts 45 minutes, but tools in regards to software and physical items such as keyboards, styluses, and protective cases. Say a teacher has a lesson for handwriting... is that student going to use a keyboard for handwriting? What about his or her index finger? Sliding a finger across a touch screen doesn't necessarily establish the traditional handwriting skills used in a real world scenario. The students should be equipped with the correct tools for handwriting lessons like a stylus.

Although having technology in the classrooms might have a few flaws, such as distractions, its potential to improve the future of learning is unrestrained. That being said, schools and faculty need to create valuable lesson plans starting day 1 of school for students to introduce and build skills throughout their entire span of education. Lastly, giving students the correct tools to enhance their technology is just as important, if not more important, than the actual tablets placed in classrooms. Technology is taking over schools, this is just the beginning!