How it Works

Improving handwriting is a tale as old as time. With schools, clinics, and ultimately everything moving away from a 5,000 year old concept of pen and paper to a means of technology, tools to keep handwriting legible are extremely important. That being said, Write Right Stylus is the first stylus designed to combat the exponentially growing problem of illegible handwriting.  

The perfect handwriting grip for penmanship is subjective, however, there is a reason why the tripod grasps have been considered the "gold standard" for centuries. Because the tripod grasp is focused on the movement of the fingers, rather than the wrist or arm, this allows for more control with the writing device and produces neater and more legible handwriting.

Muscle memory is a very important factor when improving penmanship. Teaching the brain a procedural motor task through repetition creates these muscle memories. Writing utensil grasp is almost an instinct at times with how much we rely on writing, so having the best grip is key.

pic 7.PNG

Dynamic Tripod Grasp shown above


As stated above, Write Right Stylus is the first modern technology accessory designed to improve handwriting grip and penmanship. Write Right is considered a capacitive stylus meaning it will work on all touch screen devices without a battery or being charged. 

One of the ways that makes Write Right unique compared to other ordinary styluses is the side pocket designed for the index finger. This breathable, yet snug, pocket allows for the user of Write Right to have a comfortable and supported grip for functional and efficient writing. 

The next distinctive trait of Write Right Stylus is the stylus will only function on touch screen devices when held in the tripod grip. This patent-pending design is favorable to create the repetition needed to create proper handwriting grip as an instinct and will ultimately improve penmanship.